Ann Darwin Cottages is an Almshouse of 4 self-contained cottages for those in need. Originally built for the poor widows of the village when the breadwinner working on the local farms died and the widow had nowhere to live and had little or no money.

Built by Ann Darwin’s sons William and Robert in 1744 and rebuilt by her great grandson William Brown Darwin in 1834.

Today the Almshouse is a registered Charity No 215038 and is available for occupation by those in need in the village and surrounding Parishes.

Photo of Ann Darwin Cottages
Photo of plaque on  Ann Darwin Cottages
Photo of Ann Darwin Cottages
Photo of Ann Darwin Cottages

The 4 cottages are self-contained and fully modernised. Beneficiaries pay a modest contribution to the maintenance and upkeep of the property and the Trustees ensure the accommodation meets today’s needs.

Further details can be obtained from the Secretary: Nick Buckland 01636 525588