Consultation on Sports Field on Pinfold Lane Development

  1. Elston Parish Council discussed early ideas for the development of a Community Sports Hub and the construction of some facilities on the Sports Field for players and spectators at its meeting on the 11th June 2020.
  2. Parish Council agreed to progress and refine the early ideas with a view to returning to Council in September 2020 with a more detailed plan of what we should be considering.
  3. As part of this process a small group of Councillors and representatives from Elston sports clubs will work up the details with the assistance of BE Designs.
  4. It is important that residents and the community are consulted at an early stage and we believe we have an outline that will show current thinking though it is only in outline at this stage.
  5. The presentations made to Council are available to see on our website together with architect’s drawings and we now invite comments and questions which will help take us to the next stage.


EPC Chairman Introductions

EPC Chairman Resolutions

EPC Chairman Conclusions

Presentation Jim Sweeting

Proposed Club Facilities Concept Brochure

Proposed Club Facilities 

Please download the information. This is an opportunity for everyone to share their comments with the Parish Council and other residents.

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Commenting on Proposals

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