Elston Parish Council

Council Information

The Council consists of seven councillors who are elected every four years, including a Chairman and Vice Chairman who are elected annually by the Council from their own membership.

Councillors are not paid but are elected representatives of the Parish.

Meetings of the full Council are held in the village hall at 7:00 to 9.00pm and dates will be posted on this website together with the agenda. There are also occasional meetings of subcommittees as and when required. The regular Council meetings are open to the public to attend and there is an item reserved for Public Questions. The Agenda to each meeting is posted in advance on the village Hall notice board and the Minutes from the most recent meeting are also displayed there. Details are included on this website.

The council employs a part time Clerk who is also the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer - Dermot Daly.

Councillors and the Clerk are willing to be contacted at reasonable times by phone; you may be invited to leave a voice message if they are not available when you call. If you wish to write, or e-mail, details are available alongside the names of each Councillor. You may expect a reply in 48 hours unless you make it clear your message is urgent and then we will get back to you promptly. Contact details are provided below.

What your Council Does?

Your council is a corporate body, a legal entity separate from that of its members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. The council has been granted powers by Parliament including the important authority to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend public money

Community safety, housing, street lighting, allotments, cemeteries, playing fields, community centres, litter, seats and shelters, rights of way and some aspects of planning and highways – these are some of the issues that concern a parish government

We are responsible to the residents who elect us

We represent the village and its residents

We advise the Newark and Sherwood Planning Department on planning applications

We set an annual budget which determines the Parish Precept and spend it to support local amenities

We note, and pass to the responsible authority for action, any matter of general concern to the village (traffic issues, planning, and public amenities, etc.)

We work with Parishioners to improve the village infrastructure and services and promote a village which residents are proud to reside in.

Elston Parish Councillors

Bertie Pinchera (Chairman)

The Old School House, Church Lane, Elston, NG23 5FU

T: 01636 525935

M: 07850 955537 

E: cllrpinchera.elstonpc@gmail.com

Richard Hargreaves (Vice Chairman)

Matt Cox 

David Sankey

Stuart Turner

Mark Wildsmith

The council employs a part time Clerk who is also the Council s Responsible Financial Officer

Dermot Daly
e-mail: clerk.elston@gmail.com