The Chequers

The Chequers Inn is the only public house in Elston. It is currently closed to trading, but it is currently registered as an Asset of Community Value and plans are being prepared for an acquisition by the community and for it to open once again this time owned by the community for the community.

The Chequers has been a pub for at least 200 years. One of three in the village. Residents believe that a welcoming pub is essential as one of the key amenities in the village and will be working to ensure it opens as soon as possible.

The Elston Parish Council has set up a Working Party to examine the feasibility of acquiring the business through a Public Works Loan and establishing an operating structure to ensure the long-term viability of the Chequers for the benefit of the residents of Elston and the wider community.

Progress on a possible future acquisition will be posted on here as new information becomes available. Oral updates will also be available at each Parish Council Meeting.

The Save the Chequers pages set up by local residents can be accessed on the following links.