Walks, Rights of Way

Rights of way (public paths)

You can walk on all public rights of way. Some are also open to horse riders, cyclists or motorists.

Your rights

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 gave people more freedom to walk on open countryside. This applies to open access land, which has been opened to the public for walking.

On a right of way you can:

  • walk dogs on a lead or under close control
  • take a pushchair or wheelchair, although this can be difficult if the surface is uneven or muddy
  • take a short route around an illegal obstruction (e.g. fences or crops) or move it to get past.


Photo - Out and about in Elston
Bench at the side of the road
Yellow arrow symbol
Symbol signifying usage

Yellow arrow in a yellow circle.
Footpaths are marked with yellow arrow. Only walkers can use footpaths

Blue arrow symbol
Symbol signifying usage

Bridleways are marked with blue arrows. Walkers, horse riders and cyclists can use bridleways.

Magenta arrow symbol
Symbol signifying usage

estricted byways are marked with burgundy arrows.
Walkers, horse riders, cyclists and horse and cart users can use restricted byways. Cars and motorcycles are not allowed.

Red arrow symbol
Symbol signifying usage

Byways are marked with red arrows.Walkers, horse riders, cyclists car users, motorcyclists and and horse and cart users can all use byways.


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